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The power of design

The UK Design Councils 2010 review reported the benefits of using design for business success stating:

Research has consistently shown a link between the use of design and improved business performance across key measures including turnover, profit and market share. Between 1995 and 2004, the share prices of design-conscious companies outperformed other firms by 200%. For every £100 a design-alert business spends on design, turnover increases by £225.

The full report can be found here

Design can elevate a business to reflect it’s message and future vision, to present confidence without a word being uttered – it communicates with confidence on your behalf. Design communicates your business with visual form, through colour, mood and unique and tailored ideas.

The benefits of design in businesses include:

  • Validates business mission, core values and strategic priorities
  • creates an identifiable, memorable brand identity for your business or products
  • establishes your business’ positioning within its industry
  • Builds trust and loyalty
  • Influences productive behavior and creates enthusiasm
  • Aligns business internal culture and external reputation
  • Aligns business verbal and visual identities
  • Commands price premium
  • Creates perception of quality
  • Greater customer value
  • Perceived quality drives loyalty
  • Perceived quality creates differentiation
  • Differentiation increases operating margin
  • Informs the culture of the business
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