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Letterpress to impress

Through this blog we will also be talking about the other passion we have – print! Some may think this as weird as a passion for Vista Sans, but no design can sing without the means to present – like looking at a website with 16 colours as apposed to millions – if that analogy works!

I’m sure most have heard of offset printing and digital printing – but what we intend to do in this blog is to discuss the types of printing out there and also give a little insight into how it works and the benefits and limitations of each process.

For this entry I’m just going to jump to one of my favorite printing methods – “letterpress” – also referred to as “relief printing”. If only we could apply this to more jobs – it’s such a beautiful tactile effect that brings dimension and light to the flat surface of paper.

The process uses the left over technology from the birth of printing where movable type was used for printing (typically metal but were also wood). The surface of these letterforms would be inked and the pressed into the paper – the more pulpy the paper and with enough pressure you get an embossed appearance.


These 2 videos help explain the process of letterpress – excuse the American reporting droll

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