Les Mason

Les Mason is one of the pioneers of Australian graphic design, with a career spanning 30 years from the 1960s. A retrospective exhibition on the design process and projects of Les Mason is on at the NGV Design Studio at NGV Australia featuring his very distinctive and bold style that helped shape the look of the 1970s and 80s.

Quoting from AGDA’s review:

“To some people in the industry, Les Mason is remembered as ‘the wild man’ of design. The big American who liked to work hard and play hard.
But to anyone who knows anything about the business of graphic design in Australia, Les Mason is considered the father of it all; a man who has fought and worked hard to bring graphic design to the level it is today.

Before Les came to Australia, printers and agencies made the design decisions; they selected the type, the colours and paper to be used. To a large degree, today’s designers and art directors have Les Mason to thank for the fact that this has now changed.”

More can be learned from the NGV page here

3D Printing – the future is here

We’re all going to hear a lot more about 3D printing in the coming years – as the technology becomes more affordable we’re going to see its application boom – you can already buy a simple 3D printer for $900. We’ll all be printing that potato masher missing from our drawer, that new toy for the kids, replacing the rear tail light on our car in the not so distant future – hang on tight! The down side! more garbage for landfill and the threat of custom made, undetectable weapons! but let’s not let that put a dampener on all the positive possibilities – tailor-made prosthetics for one!

Designer Burton Kramer

A snippet from an upcoming film on Canadian graphic designer Burton Kramer.

Kenneth Grange

English industrial designer Kenneth Grange talks …

Massimo Vignelli – The grid is the underwear of the book

Massimo Vignelli speaks about the effective use of the grid in book design

Buckminster Fuller

Inspiring 20 minute film on designer/creator/architect Buckminster Fuller – ‘bucky and spaceship earth’.

The Creators Project – Universal Everything

An inspirational short film on motion graphics artist Matt Pyke from Universal Everything

Sochi 2014 Reveals its Pictograms

Is it too soon? Let’s not let go of the olympic hype – Sochi 2014 winter olympics are just around the corner and new pictograms have already been revealed. The pressure for each country to create their own unique style every time must be overwhelming, considering how many great pictograms have been created in the past – but I love this approach – fun, playful, colourful and child-like as though it was an event for the kiddies – it’s all about playing and doing silly things in the snow – so it fits!

Debra Sussman’s Super Graphics

New Australian Bank Notes

New Australian Bank note designs have appeared lately, designed by Australian design studio Emery. Seems the designs are change for security sake rather than improving on the current design, which is seen as one of the best note designs in the world – in relation to design, colour and print and material technology. It appears most of the change is in the design with the addition of some new security features. A bank spokesman said that the redesign was taking place to ensure Australia maintained its “relatively low levels of counterfeiting”. It’s costing $9.3 Million and is now 2 years overdue.

The designers were briefed with new portraits of the notes’ subjects and asked to capture Australian characteristics with “youthful” and “energetic design qualities. The new notes retain most of the existing design elements including colour, size and their current portraits