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flo – Cycling ear protector developed by Savanah Design.

Flo was developed to overcome the damaging affects of wind noise on cyclists, especially through prolonged exposure. With wind noise levels reaching 90 db(A), not only can this cause permanent ear damage it can also affect the rider’s ability to hear and judge road sounds and alerts and the overall riding experience.

Flo redirects wind around and away from the ear reducing wind noise without blocking other incoming sounds. The ear canal is not obstructed or penetrated in any way – Flo is fitted firm against the front of the ear and open at the rear leaving an air void within.

Flo is formed from a light-weight, firm, porous foam that also acts like a microphone windscreen helping to defuse the sound. Though several printed graphic designs will be available, it is intended that a plain white version be created which can be painted or drawn on so that each rider can personalise them with their own images.

• Prevents ear damage from extended exposure to wind noise.

• Reduces wind noise so that road sounds are clearer – helping rider be more aware of road activity.

• Allows rear sounds and unseen concerns to be better detected.

• The pleasure of quieter riding.

• Light, comfortable, small and compact, non-intrusive.

• visually integrated – colour coordinated, fun and customisable.