Typography I love

Typography seems to be that thing that you are either passionate about – falling in love with every swash, counter and loop – or – haven’t got past that they are simply letters to read as words and are black dots on the page.

Typography encapsulates all that is visual design – beautiful abstract forms which have been given meaning – they are the designer’s tool of the trade, like a dog – always there for you, dependable and a lot of fun to play with.

Since starting this blog I have realised that it takes effort to keep them moving and relevant and I am inspired by those designers who dedicate so much resources to their blogs and creating fabulous resources for the rest of us. I would certainly love to create a blog solely dedicated to typography – yes, I fall into the passion category – but alas – I can leave a lot of it to so many others who have done such a stellar job.

So within this blog we will show you some of our passions and examples, but we will also direct you to some great blogs out there that are well worth the visit by either those who are passionate or wander if insanity is connected to this passion and question “what is the difference between Helvetica and Arial?”

So for the first link to a blog whos name says it all – “I love Typography” http://ilovetypography.com

I Love Typography

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