I have a weakness for animation and even weaker for stop-motion – it’s the hands-on craft, the attention to detail, the amazing vision and patience – I’m in awe of the shear commitment to an idea and the dedication it takes to bring it to life – and what reward for the animators as they see their vision and immense effort come to life.

I don’t often feature stop-motion animation on this blog but this one had to be mentioned. I have been following the team at Laika crafting the latest block-buster stop-motion animation ‘ParaNorman’ for a long time now. Though the audience is targeted at children I think I will be jostling for best seats when it comes to cinemas, which I presume will be later this month.

Laika have given us a lot of insight into the making of this movie and I suspect these scenes will impressive me more than the final film, where my mind will probably quickly forget the painstaking efforts each move of each character takes.

See more scenes here



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