Typeface – the documentary

A new documentary to be released at the end of this month looks at a workshop set up for retired craftsmen, artists and printers who come together to create modern designs with traditional techniques. It’s an insight into the past skills of hand crafted typefaces and printing techniques.

No news of the doco coming to Australia but I dare say it won’t be long. Keep an eye on their website typeface.kartemquin.com

Running with origami

2 of my favorite things – paper and stop-frame animation – together here in this multi-award winning animation for Asics by Nordpol + Hamburg.

Origami In the Pursuit of Perfection from MABONA ORIGAMI on Vimeo.

Polaroid – the new technology

Once you view this film perhaps you’ll react like I did – wow – what a great device – I want one!

This is a film produced by Charles and Ray Eames to promote the ‘new’ Polaroid SX-70 giving us an insight into the complex workings of this camera – a camera that would liberate photographers and revolutionise the way we look at photography. Now digital takes it’s place and it leaves me wondering what we will be seeing next and whether we will look at the cameras of today the same way as the Polaroid!

ZD YouTube FLV Player

From tablets to paper to tablets

I’ve posted a story a while back now about print being under threat with the new advances in screen technologies – reflective rather than transmitted through new technology known as epaper, see article. Well, we’re on the verge of an onslaught from electronics companies with their new reading and interactive devices – there are lots of rumours, samples and demonstrations out there of how this new technology will work and the amazing possibilities it will bring to publishing – changes that will have a dramatic affect on the print industry, and our industry as designers, as we get challenged further to increase our skills to cater for it.

Despite the OTT American publication demonstrated here, this video shows off some of the potential capabilities of these devices. Apple are heavily rumoured to ‘surprise’ us with a touch-screen tablet device very soon and Microsoft not far behind, no doubt – the race is on.

So is print under threat? Is paper a thing of the past? Stay tuned!

This conceptual video is a corporate collaborative research project initiated by Bonnier R&D into the experience of reading magazines on handheld digital devices. It illustrates one possible vision for digital magazines in the near future, presented by our design partners at BERG.

Mag+ from Bonnier on Vimeo.

Western Spaghetti

I’ve been meaning to post this stop frame animation for a while now, created by PES – it’s been around for a while now but it is a gem – it was the 2009 Sundance Film Festival Winner, 2009 Audience Award, Annecy Animation Festival and TIME Magazine voted #2 Viral Video of the Year.

Shiny Chrome

Ah, I’m looking forward to when the web actually looks like this, made up of paper, wire, string and tape with a live harp player at your side! – where you can reach in and feel the web pages! Google’s promotion for their new internet browser, Chrome.

Pictorial Webster’s – an insight into the craft of book making

Computers make the process of publishing shallow – we take for granted the effort we once needed to publish books – the amount of craft involved – the attention to detail and the exhaustive process – making a book was a serious consideration, unlike today where we can churn out publications in a fraction of the time.

This video documents the traditional book printing and binding processes, from original illustration blocks engraved in the late 1800s, to typesetting on the Linotype, to letterpress printing to traditional bookbinding, including leather cover and gold foil embossing to even include cutting finger tabs.

Pictorial Webster’s: Inspiration to Completion from John Carrera on Vimeo.

Less, but better – Dieter Rams

German industrial designer Dieter Rams is noted as being one of the most influential designers of the 20th century with his innovative designs for Braun and many other electronic components since the 60s. His attention to detail was extrodinary and drawn from his principles on design: Good design is honest; Good design is long-lasting; Good design is consequent to the last detail; Good design is concerned with the environment; Good design is as little design as possible.

He has had a lasting influence on design which has reached outstanding product designers of today, including Apple’s head designer Jonathan Ive. Here is an interview with Dieter.

Dieter Rams: Less and More Interview from Gestalten on Vimeo.

Dieter Rams in conversation with Deyan Sudjic from Vitsœ on Vimeo.

An interview with Dieter at Designboom

New book “Less and More” featuring the works of Dieter Rams

A New Porno video

And now for a musical interlude – from one of my fav bands – The New Pornographers, with an animated video by the very talented Fluorescent Hill

“Myriad Harbour” The New Pornographers from Fluorescent Hill on Vimeo.

Post war impact on design

A documentary explaining the impact of post world war II on design and design for the masses.