OS 1



Apple’s OS 1 – the very first graphic user interface for Apple’s operating system that appeared in 1984 in its new computer called the Machintosh – all 124Kb of RAM, 8Mhz of processor speed, 3.5″ floppy, 9″ black and white monitor – we may chuckle about it now but this was big back then.




Though I wasn’t there for system 1, I was introduced to the Mac at system 6 (which appeared to have changed little other than introducing multi-tasking) – it was revolutionary – designers were now able to unleash full control over how type was layed out, rather than having to spec up artboards for typesetters to prepare – this is where it all began.




And Photoshop! wow, even back then at version 1 – being able to scan in a sketch and modify it – though at the time there were no layers and only in bitmap, it still gave designers increased control and began the liberation of design as we know it today.

It’s good to pause and recall where it all began as it is so easy to take for granted with the proliferation of software and computer technology. Give it another 5 years and were likely to chuckle about what we have today! – “Remember hard-drives and RAM” I’m sure will be muttered.

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