Nivea rebrand

Nivea has just had their brand redesigned by Yves Behar, from logo to the soft forms of their product packaging. I couldn’t say that I would have noticed the change at first glance since much of the original styling is in place, including the blue colour and logotype – what they have brought to the brand is a consistent look and new approach to the bottle look, drawing inspiration from the very first, and only, Nivea product – Nivea Cream in a round tin.

From their press release:

The blue tin has embodied NIVEA’s brand values since 1925. It is the brand “face” that consumers around the world associate with trust, closeness and expertise. Now Beiersdorf AG has introduced a new global design language based on the iconic blue tin. The new design consistently translates the successful NIVEA brand’s values into a product that consumers can see and feel, thereby making products in all categories immediately recognizable. Beiersdorf has consistently developed the NIVEA brand with a focus on its global core values. The gradual introduction of the new design for the entire NIVEA skin and body care portfolio will commence in more than 200 countries in January 2013.

This video reeks of a sales pitch but is a good insight into the thinking and process of rebranding an already well known and trusted product.

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