The Melbourne International Animation Festival snuck in to town this week, I almost missed it if it wasn’t for a small article in the paper – but thankfully I made it to one of the sessions and was blown away by the talent that is festering around the world by those very talented and bleary-eyed animators – this is not a dying art – it’s blooming and booming and growing in strength each year.

What was refreshing about the animations on show was that most were hand crafted – using expressive hand drawn line-work, charcoal, some subtly integrating 3D computer modeling.

The stand out for me was “Rabbit Punch” by recent Royal college of the art, UK, graduate Kristian Andrews – you can find a short of it here A fantastic use of line drawing and computer 3D integration showing just enough visuals to tell the story.




Another stand out was Satiago ‘Bou” Grasso’s “The Employment” – it’s a shame I couldn’t find a short of this one online but this image will give you the crux of the story line




And finally, “Jazzed” by Anton Setola, which I could find a short for! enjoy!

‘Jazzed’ from anton setola on Vimeo.

Here’s looking forward to 2010 – I hope I don’t miss it this time – better keep an eye on MIAFs website

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