Murder at Savanah Design

Savanah Design’s studio was the scene of a murder this week – a gunman broke through the door and shot a guy in the chest and made his escape out the window – the detectives visited and are looking into it – it was shocking! Where were we? we were working from home at the time!

Perhaps I should explain further – our studio became the set for an upcoming episode of City Homicide – yes, our humble studio here in Fitzroy. Our studio was flattered and some of the furniture are strutting around with inflated egos – particularly one of our chairs that graced Aaron Pedersen ass ;-)

It happened quickly – 1 day to prep, 1 day to shoot and half a day to clean up – leaving us a little rattled, it sort of felt as though we had been ransacked but nothing was taken! It was a lot of fun – spent time on set and saw the behind the scenes action – they are a great crew – very friendly, warm and professional – they have a deft eye for detail and ensured everyone involved is happy – including the fashion designer in the studio above who wore slippers that day to avoid making noise – she was rewarded with a very nice bottle of champers.

The scene involved gun fire, murder, blood all wrapped up in the grungy, natural look of this building. The art department camouflaged a lot of our furniture – too modern they said – clad the walls with 70s wood paneling and brought in their own wall cabinets, desks and objects – including a stuffed squirrel, a must-have for any detective’s office.

We would have liked to have shown the actors and crew in some pics but getting permission was too difficult – though in the pics below you’ll see the director reviewing the next scene.

Look out for the episode – somewhere near December 2009, episode 15, 16 of this season.

City Homicide

City Homicide

Synchronised cops

I had to put this one up on the blog, the 1950s Italian Police Motorcycle Drill Team, what it lacks in colour it brings to life with precision patterns – inspirational!