The Russian influence

Another example of Russian design work that came out of the Avant-Garde period of 1910-1934 – a fold out book insert from 1919 that used letterpress and collage – a fabulous use of colour, shape, form and type – not seen before this time and which we are far more familiar seeing today


Paul Rand

What design blog would be complete without something on the designer Paul Rand – if you’re a designer, of the graphic kind, you will be well aware of who he is, but others may not have been introduced to his lively and colourful work and his contribution to the visual design culture. Here is an excerpt from the film Conversation with Paul Rand, where he gives us an insight into his design mind.

Trojan Bubble

I have such fond memories of this fabulous car from my childhood, where I would get so excited in spotting one driving around the streets of Bristol, where I spent my childhood. What happened to this wonderful, environmentally advanced car of the 50s? Yes, sure, not so safe and would probably need one of those bicycle flags attached to the bumper, but this was joyful, playful design, with thinking beyond the conventional. Here’s to the bubble car!

Bubble cars became popular in Europe at that time as a demand for cheap personal motorised transport emerged and fuel prices were high due in part to the 1956 Suez Crisis. Bubble cars were superseded by a new wave of ‘proper small cars’ like the 1959 Austin Mini, which gave far more functionality for their owners for only slightly higher costs – Wikipedia

Timeless design

One of the most exciting times for design was in the 1950s, this would have been one of the most exciting time to be a designer – a new world of hope was opening up and so much prosperity and the possibilities that were out of this world – quite literally, with the excitement of interstellar travel, rocket inspired cars. The influence of design flourished around the world, from America, Europe right through to Australia.

Throughout this blog we will endeavor to present to you the fabulous design work from the last, highly influential, 100 years in graphic design and present the work of many celebrated designers, and the work we have come to love.

A smile with design

We just love the way design can be so effective at expressing humour, in particular, with irony and subtly – take these images from Glennz T-Shirt range. Find their full range at


Thomas the angry engin

Thomas the angry engine