The Creators Project – Universal Everything

An inspirational short film on motion graphics artist Matt Pyke from Universal Everything

Mad God Steadman

I’m a big fan of artist/illustrator Ralph Steadman – he’s crazy and I love the way it shows in his work – I’ve spoken of him before, check it out here.
I discovered that Ralph had collaborated with artist Keith Newstead to create a dynamic sculpture in 1990, the outcome featured in the video below.

It was commissioned for an exhibition called Devious Devices in 1990. It features God rising above storm clouds. Below the earth is supported on 4 elephants which in turn are supported by strange creatures. It was about 10 feet high and I have no idea where it is now.

Alexander Calder

Alexander Calder may not be a designer but his use of space, form, colour, composition and movement as a sculptor is an inspiration to designers – from his mobiles, to his wire drawings to his solid steel sculptures.

A quote from Alexander:

“Out of different masses, tight, heavy, middling–indicated by variations of size or color–directional line–vectors which represent speeds, velocities, accelerations, forces, etc. . . .–these directions making between them meaningful angles, and senses, together defining one big conclusion or many.
Spaces, volumes, suggested by the smallest means in contrast to their mass, or even including them, juxtaposed, pierced by vectors, crossed by speeds.”

Find out more on this legend here and experience a virtual tour of a gallery exhibiting his work here




Tatzu Nishi

It’s not often that an art installation creates such an impact that leaves you contemplating it for days after. I spent this weekend up in Sydney and paid the art gallery of NSW a visit – not knowing at the time that the 2 statues that stand guard to the entrance (created by English sculpture Gilbert Bayes in 1923), were to be boxed up as though they were being restored – but to then discover that they had been turned into installations by artist Tatzu Nishi as part of the Kaldor art project.

I was overwhelmed by the sight on entry – there in a modern decorated room stood a very imposing statue – out of context but in relation to a modern environment – the coming together of 2 components – each in isolation are unremarkable but in context to each other – very remarkable! – I barely gave these statues a moment of my time before now, I found myself challenged to walk away from them. Very inspiring.



Installation in the making

Other installations by Nishi