Shiny Chrome

Ah, I’m looking forward to when the web actually looks like this, made up of paper, wire, string and tape with a live harp player at your side! – where you can reach in and feel the web pages! Google’s promotion for their new internet browser, Chrome.

A New Porno video

And now for a musical interlude – from one of my fav bands – The New Pornographers, with an animated video by the very talented Fluorescent Hill

“Myriad Harbour” The New Pornographers from Fluorescent Hill on Vimeo.

New Zealand Book Council – Going West

This is a paper stop-frame animation created for NZ Book Council Animated by Andersen M Studio, London. It’s a lovely integration of story telling using the pages of a book as the medium for the animation – high paced scalpel action with a nice bit of typography at the end.


We’re all guilty of it and there are so many ways to do it – in fact, I think I’m doing it now! Procrastinating! This expressive and very entertaining graphic animation ventures through all our habits to avoid work – though, one almost get’s the impression that everything we do is procrastinating! Sit back and enjoy your own procrastination and enjoy.


The Melbourne International Animation Festival snuck in to town this week, I almost missed it if it wasn’t for a small article in the paper – but thankfully I made it to one of the sessions and was blown away by the talent that is festering around the world by those very talented and bleary-eyed animators – this is not a dying art – it’s blooming and booming and growing in strength each year.

What was refreshing about the animations on show was that most were hand crafted – using expressive hand drawn line-work, charcoal, some subtly integrating 3D computer modeling.

The stand out for me was “Rabbit Punch” by recent Royal college of the art, UK, graduate Kristian Andrews – you can find a short of it here A fantastic use of line drawing and computer 3D integration showing just enough visuals to tell the story.




Another stand out was Satiago ‘Bou” Grasso’s “The Employment” – it’s a shame I couldn’t find a short of this one online but this image will give you the crux of the story line




And finally, “Jazzed” by Anton Setola, which I could find a short for! enjoy!

‘Jazzed’ from anton setola on Vimeo.

Here’s looking forward to 2010 – I hope I don’t miss it this time – better keep an eye on MIAFs website


Excuse me – I just need to put this fabulous animation by McBess somewhere!

Strange invaders

And a lil’ favorite of mine from animator Cordell Barker, sit back, relax and enjoy.

Science of fear animated filmclip

Melbourne band Temper Trap’s film clip for their recent hit ‘Science of fear’ – great use of video and animation fused together to to create a film clip that exudes the passion of the song.

The Temper Trap Science Of Fear from Brooke Jury on Vimeo.


So often on my travels through cyberspace I come upon some amazing and inspiring animation work, and from here on I will be posting them – not only to entertain and inspire you but so that I remember where they are! ;-)

Clockwork from David Prosser on Vimeo.

The Seed

A delightful animation created by Nexus Productions and funded by Adobe, developed to show off the capabilities of Adobe CS4 software. It was created with various methods inlcuding paper, stop-frame animation and 2D drawing

The Seed from Johnny Kelly on Vimeo.