Cards to observe

Your business card would be your most important piece of visual communication you can have – it represents you and/or your business in a bite sized high impact device – it leaves an impression with the person you are introduced to, even if it is for only 30 seconds. It belongs with the first impressions people will have of you, like wearing that Hugo Boss suit or the shoes that match your outfit – the fine attention to detail is all taken in to account.

So the effort to make your business card suit your business philosophies is important to get right – it’s more than a bit of paper with your contact details on it.

If you are looking for inspiration for creating a business card or to consider what printing methods can be adopted, a good starting place is at are some of the website that showcase them, such as – here you will find many samples and excellent printing examples including letterpress, embossing, foil stamping, laser cutting, die-cutting, gloss varnish, metals, plastics and even sewing machine stitching. There are certainly countless ways to impress with your little first impressioner.

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